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Office of Interagency Affairs (Regulatory Staff)

Specialty Staff Email Telephone
Banking and Economic Regulation Jennifer Smith 202-205-6943
Director of Interagency Affairs Charles Maresca 202-205-6978
Environment, Water Kevin Bromberg 202-205-6964
Environment, Air David Rostker 202-205-6966
Environment, Chemicals Tayyaba Waqar 202-205-6790
Food, Drug and Health Linwood Rayford 202-401-6880
Intellectual Property and Telecommunications Jamie Belcore Saloom 202-205-6890
Intellectual Property Zvi Rosen 202-205-6948
International Trade, Education Rosalyn Steward 202-205-7013
Labor and Immigration Janis Reyes 202-619-0312
Law Clerk Rachelle Pointdujour 202-205-7019
Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Energy Prianka Sharma 202-205-6938
Procurement and Small Business Major L. Clark, III 202-205-7150
Safety, Transportation, and Security Bruce Lundegren 202-205-6144
Regulatory Reform Claudia Rodgers 202-205-6804
Taxes, Pensions, and Employee Benefits Charles Jeane 202-205-7168
Veteran Issues Joe Sobota 202-205-6952